E-Book - How You Created Your Story and How to Re-write it!

Dr Bridget explains how you've created your story throughout your life and reveals the steps to re-writing your story if you're not happy with it.

If you think about it, we have been re-writing our story from the day that we were born. We turn the pages of our story every day and suddenly we turn the page and it is “The End.”

If you have the same story as you have now, will that be OK?

Or do you want to rewrite it in a different way?

About Dr Bridget

Dr Bridget is passionate about unsticking you and enabling you to get what you want, having spent 24 years as a GP in South Wales and setting up her own business as an NLP Trainer and Master Coach. She works mainly with people who feel as though they are not getting the success they want.

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